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Spring Car Care Tips From Joe Cotton Ford Your Local Chicagoland Dealer



As the temperatures finally beging to rise, you know spring has arrived. We here in Chicagoland know we have been through a very long winter and now that spring is here we need to take care of our cars that had to weather a crazy Chicago winter. All the cold, ice, snow and slush were hard on your car, so consider some of these spring car care tips from Joe Cotton Ford, to wash winter away.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, folks across Chicagoland will begin their annual spring cleaning. After a long, harsh winter, many items in and around your home will need a good, thorough cleaning, including your vehicle. This spring-cleaning checklist will help you give your vehicle the attention it needs while extending its life and making sure it’s ready to face the road ahead.


Top 10 Car Care Tips

1. Carpeting and Upholstery


During winter, nothing takes a beating more than your floor mats, which are flooded with everything from slush to road salt. Improve the appearance of your interior by removing floor mats and using a power washer to do a deep clean. Then, take the time to vacuum under the floormats, the upholstery, paying special attention to the seams of your seats – you never know what’s been hiding in them all winter long.

Get your car vacuum cleaner and start with the carpet, followed by the seats, the dash, and then the package shelf. A brush attachment is great for removing deeply embedded dirt, while a crevice attachment is ideal for cleaning hard-to-access areas, such as those under the seats. Removing this excess dirt, including hard-to-see dust particles, should improve the air quality of the cabin and help your air filter last longer.


2. Detail the Exterior


Your vehicle’s interior has been covered in salt and slush for months. Without a good wash and rinse, the finish can begin to deteriorate, resulting in costly damage. If you are hand washing your vehicle, make sure to use a PH-balanced soap designed to clean without stripping the finish.

Check for rust. Any small scratch or chink on your car’s exterior detail parts can invite rust. Winter is hard on exterior damage, so giving your car a once-over for signs of rust is worth the time. Repair scratches. Come into Joe Cotton's Parts Department and we will get you your Ford vehicle’s paint color that matches your vehicle.Serious body damage will require a trip to the body shop, but minor repairs can be done at home. Schedule a free estimate today.


But it is also advisable to wax the exterior of a car. Doing it once or twice a year—particularly in spring—is a good idea. Wax, after all, has many benefits. It seals the paint, adds a shiny coat, and repels water beads—getting rid of problematic water spots in the process. If you take your car to a professional car wash rather than clean it yourself, select a wash option that includes a wax spray or coating at the end. This can help your car as much as the soap and water that’s used to clean it. Of course, you can always find wax at your local hardware store or automotive garage and apply it yourself.


3. Wash the Headlights and Taillights


Few things on a car get as dirty during the winter as the headlights and taillights. Come spring, the headlights and taillights on most vehicles are pretty filthy and foggy. Yet, most motorists pay little attention to them. As long as the lights are on and a bulb isn’t burnt out, we don’t worry about them. Yet headlights and taillights are extremely important in terms of visibility at night, and for safety. Taking a warm, damp cloth and giving the headlights on the front of the car and the taillights on the back a wipe in spring can do wonders. The range of the light coming from your car will improve, and so will your vehicle’s visibility. Other motorists and pedestrians will be able to see you coming from a distance, and you will be able to see them better too. Washing the headlights and taillights is a simple thing that can pay big dividends. 

4. Inspect and Replace Windshield Wipers

During winter, wiper blades come into near-constant contact with ice, snow, and sleet, which can cause damage and breakage. Make sure they’re equipped to handle the significant rainfall that defines April & May in Chicagoland by checking and replacing them as necessary. You may even want to consider specialized wipers designed specifically to handle spring showers. 

5. Windex Is Your Friend

It’s amazing how simple cleaning a car can be. But it is often the simplest cleaning steps that can yield the biggest rewards, and improve the safety of your car. Just as it is important to clean the headlights and taillights on a vehicle, so too is it important to clean the mirrors—the side mirrors and the rear view mirror. And for this, we turn to Windex. A spray of Windex and a wipe with some paper towel, and Voila! Suddenly you can see what’s behind you when driving. This is critically important. Especially given how filthy side mirrors and rear view mirrors on a car get during the harsh winter months. There are many times when people can literally see nothing out of their mirrors, and that is never good. Taking a few seconds to spray the mirrors with some Windex will dramatically improve the safety of any vehicle and make the driver feel more at ease.

6. Replace Winter Tires

This might seem like a no-brainer, but plenty of people leave the winter tires on their car all year long. Kind of like people who never take down the Christmas lights on their house. But it can be extremely dangerous to drive on winter tires in the spring and summer. The tread on the winter tires will wear down quickly and make the tires practically useless when winter rolls around again. Also, winter tires do not grip the roads well when they are dry and clear of snow and ice. Taking the tires off yourself or having them taken off and stored at a garage is a good idea. It is always best to use all-season tires in the spring and summer months when pavement and asphalt are hot and tires are susceptible to melting.

We are your local NitroFill dealer in Chicagoland. Want to hear about the benefits? Visit our NitroFill information page.

7. Check Under the Hood

A lot can happen under the hood during winter. Debris such as dirt and leaves can easily collect on or near the engine, impacting your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. If you are conducting the inspection yourself, ensure your safety by turning off the engine and removing the battery cables. Then, use a wet towel to clean under the hood, and try baking soda to remove any oxidation from the batteries. 

While looking under the hood check for any nest squirrels may have left behind during the long winter and clean them out. Double check to see if they chewed any wires and get your vehicle into the shop to have them repaired now, better than later.

8. Clean Out the Trunk

During the winter, a lot of stuff tends to accumulate in your trunk: shovels, window scrapers, boots, blankets to windshield washer fluid bottles. As you clear these items, make sure to check your emergency kit. Is there anything that you used that might need to be replaced? Also, have a look at your spare tire to make sure it is good to go…you never know when you might need it. 

Make room for new things in the trunk, like picnic baskets, folding lawn chairs and beach umbrellas. But be sure and give the trunk a good vacuum as part of this transition. Trunks attract their fair share of salt, dirt and other debris. Keeping this seldom seen area of the car clean is important too.

9. Clean Underneath the Whole Car


The best way to avoid rust on a car is to clean underneath the vehicle. And cleaning beneath a car after winter is the best time to do this. All sorts of salt, dirt, gravel and mud get trapped underneath a car—around the muffler and exhaust as well as the axels and wheel wells. Blasting this crap off with a high pressure hose or having it cleaned off at a professional car wash is the way to go here. In fact, it never hurts to take your car through a professional, automated car wash at least once in the spring to ensure that the vehicle gets one thorough cleaning, and that the undercarriage gets clean of all the stuff that can be corrosive and cause rust to form and spread. Once rust gets hold, it is literally like a cancer on the body of the car. It spreads and eats the vehicle alive. Keep the underside of your car clean and the vehicle will last a lot longer.

10. Check Your Brakes

Check your brakes. Spring is a good time to determine if your brake pads need to be replaced, At the same time, your mechanic can assess the condition of your brake rotors. They shouldn’t need to be replaced if you’ve serviced the pads on schedule, but in some cases they’ll need be replaced as well.


Give us a call or schedule an appointment on this page and we can check your brakes for free.


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