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FordPass Rewards Information at Joe Cotton Ford
FordPass Rewards FAQ Page from Joe Cotton Ford

Membership has its rewards

Easily earn and redeem valuable FordPass Rewards™ Points when you become a member.


Earn and track your FordPass Rewards Points

Members can earn and redeem FordPass Rewards Points at participating Ford dealerships. Watch your Points accumulate and see where you're spending them too.


Turn your Points into service discounts

Earn Points for things you do every day, then use them toward discounted services at your preferred FordPass Rewards dealer.



Exclusive offers and discounts

FordPass Rewards members get access to special offers and promotions throughout the year. Perfect for a tune-up before your next big trip.



FordPass Rewards™

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about popular topics regrading the FordPass Rewards program.


FordPass Rewards

What is FordPass Rewards?

FordPass Rewards is an exciting new loyalty experience that recognizes and rewards people on the move, no matter the journey.

Will FordPass Rewards change over time?

The FordPass Rewards team has developed a program enhancement strategy that will continue to add new features and benefits. When enhancements are added, or changes are made to the program, the dealer and member will be notified through appropriate channels.


How do members join FordPass Rewards?

Joining FordPass Rewards is easy. When a customer registers for FordPass through the app or online, they automatically become a member of FordPass Rewards. Get started by downloading the FordPass app for iPhone or Android or enrolling on the website at A FordGuide and the dealership can also assist with enrollment.

Are FordPass App users automatically enrolled in FordPass Rewards? Yes. When customers accept terms and conditions for FordPass (either through the app or online), they are automatically enrolled in FordPass Rewards. If a FordPass member joined prior to March 2019, they will need to accept the new terms and conditions and will then be enrolled in FordPass Rewards.

Do members need to own a Ford vehicle to participate in FordPass Rewards?

No. members can still enjoy all the benefits of FordPass Rewards without owning a Ford vehicle. Points are associated to a member account, not a vehicle.

Can members share a FordPass Rewards account with their family?

No. FordPass Rewards accounts are based on the individual account owner.

Do members have to use the FordPass App to earn rewards?

No. Members can use also use and can earn FordPass Rewards Points at their participating dealership.

How do members view their FordPass Rewards Points balance?

A member can see FordPass Rewards Points balances on or in the FordPass app under the Account tab. The dealer can also look up the balance.

Is FordPass Rewards just for FordPass Connect™ customers and new vehicle buyers?

FordPass Rewards is available to everyone. Customers can join when they purchase a new vehicle or later in their ownership. Only the Welcome Reward is exclusive to customers who purchase a new vehicle.

Are AXZD plan customers eligible for FPR?

AXZD customers are eligible for the same earning and redeeming opportunities as non-plan members.

How will members receive communications about the latest FordPass Rewards program information?

FordPass Rewards members will receive member-exclusive communications via email, in-app messaging or other forms of digital messaging. Earning Points

How do members earn FordPass Rewards Points?

FordPass Rewards Points can be earned through the purchase of Ford, Motorcraft® or Omnicraft™ parts, and any associated labor from participating Ford dealerships and by members participating in activities and offers from Ford, through the FordPass Rewards App or website. Point-earning opportunities could include (not all available at program launch): A Welcome Reward for completing the following: Purchasing a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer Activating and maintaining FordPass Connect modem* Joining FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase Completing a retail service transaction at participating dealer (Restrictions apply.) Having your vehicle serviced (retail repair orders only) at a participating dealer (restrictions apply). Setting a preferred dealer Completing a digital brand experience (e.g., survey, video) Using select services on the FordPass App (e.g., Finding and paying for parking) * Modem must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass app on a smartphone and remain active for at least 6 months after activation or the bonus is subject to forfeiture. Buyers of non-modem equipped vehicles will also receive the Welcome Reward after FordPass Rewards enrollment. Sales type “E”, sales type 6, AXZD plans and FCTP sold to end users are eligible.

How many FordPass Rewards Points do members earn for service at their participating dealership?

Members can earn 10 FordPass Rewards Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases of parts and service at any participating dealership. Visit the FordPass Rewards website ( or the FordPass app for more details.

How do members earn Points in the service drive?

Members will earn Points when they purchase a Ford, Motorcraft® or Omnicraft™ part and any associated labor from a participating dealer. Members will earn 10 Points per $1 spent. Non-Ford parts or services will not earn Points.

If a Ford, Motorcraft or Omnicraft part cannot be used in the repair of a competitive-make vehicle, can the member still earn Points?

Earning is limited to ROs with a Ford, Motorcraft or Omnicraft part.

Can members earn FordPass Rewards Points when traveling outside of the U.S.?

International earning and redemption is not available at this time; Points are only earned and redeemed in the United States.

Will members be able to earn Points for accessories they are adding to their vehicle at the time of purchase?

Not at this time.

How do members find a participating dealer where they can earn FordPass Rewards Points?

Inquiring members will be able to search for participating dealers through and the FordPass App.

How long does it take for Points to appear in a member’s account?

Points will be deposited into a member’s account within ten (10) days of the qualifying service transaction and 30 days of the sales transaction. Certain activities may require additional time to validate qualifying transactions.

Can FordPass Rewards Points earned at a member’s preferred dealer be redeemed at any dealer?

Yes. FordPass Rewards Points can be redeemed at any participating dealer and more.

What if members have earned FordPass Rewards Points, but they are not displaying in their account balance?

Please contact a FordGuide for assistance in the FordPass app, at or call 800-336-0486 (U.S. only).

Is there a cap on the amount of Points a member can earn and redeem?

There is no cap on Point earning or redemption.

Redeeming Points

How do members redeem FordPass Rewards Points? FordPass Rewards Points can be redeemed for any qualifying transaction at any participating dealership. A member may also redeem Points toward the purchase of a new vehicle at a participating dealership.

Can members give their FordPass Rewards Points to someone else? No. At this time, FordPass Rewards Points cannot be gifted to another FordPass Rewards member.

Do FordPass Rewards Points expire? Yes. FordPass Rewards Point balances expire and are forfeited when a member has not earned Points, redeemed Points or fulfilled a reward earned through FordPass Rewards for 365 consecutive calendar days. App usage does not qualify as activity needed to keep Points from expiring. Can FordPass Rewards Points be redeemed on Not at this time. doesn't currently integrate with the FordPass ecosystem.

Welcome Reward

What is the Welcome Reward? The Welcome Reward is a complimentary maintenance package awarded to FordPass Rewards members following the purchase of a new vehicle and the activation of FordPass Connect. This offer will be awarded as FordPass Rewards Points, which gives the customers more flexibility in how they want to utilize this value.

How do members receive the Welcome Reward? To receive this offer a customer must: Purchase a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer Activate and maintain FordPass Connect modem* Join FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase * Modem must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass app on a smartphone and remain active for at least 6 months after activation or the bonus is subject to forfeiture. Buyers of non-modem equipped vehicles will also receive the Welcome Reward after FordPass Rewards enrollment. A, X, Z and D plans are eligible. Can a customer activate a modem without a smartphone or tablet? No, a smartphone or tablet is required for modem activation.

Will customers that purchase new vehicles without a FordPass Connect modem be eligible for Welcome Reward Points? Yes, in this case, the customer does not need to connect a modem, but they must enroll in FordPass Rewards and purchase/lease a new vehicle to earn Welcome Reward Points.

How many Points do members get when they receive the Welcome Reward? Members receive 42,000 FordPass Rewards Points for a gas-powered vehicle and 75,000 Points for a diesel vehicle — enough Points to use toward complimentary maintenance on your first three maintenance visits or for future select services or new vehicle purchases.

Does the Welcome Reward apply to used vehicles? The Welcome Reward is available for new vehicle purchases only. Certified pre-owned and used vehicles do not qualify.

What benefits does the Welcome Reward offer? Members benefit by receiving 42,000 FordPass Points for a gas-powered vehicle and 75,000 Points for a diesel — enough Points to virtually eliminate the cost of up to three scheduled service visits or for future select services or new vehicle purchases.

What can members expect when they use their Welcome Reward? A member choosing to use the Points for maintenance can expect to cover the following visits and services: 7,500-mile service: Oil & filter change, tire rotation and Multi Point Inspection Members Redeem: Gas: 11,000 Points; Diesel: 20,000 Points 15,000-mile service: Oil & filter change, tire rotation and multi point inspection Members Redeem: Gas: 11,000 Points; Diesel: 20,000 Points 22,500-mile service: Oil & filter change, cabin air filter, tire rotation and multi point inspection Members Redeem: 20,000 Points; Diesel: 35,000 Points Are there any model year restrictions for the Welcome Reward? No, all new vehicle retail sales/leases are eligible with a sale date on or after the national launch of FordPass Rewards.

Can Welcome Reward Points be used for something other than maintenance visits? Yes. Members may use their Points for maintenance, or anything else that can be redeemed for in FordPass Rewards. This could include a discount towards the purchase of their next vehicle.

How does a member activate the modem? See the instructions. What happens if the modem is deactivated before the six-month period? If a member deactivates the modem on their vehicle prior to the required 180 day period the Welcome Reward Points earned (42,000 Points for gas and 75,000 Points for diesel) will be removed from the member account. If the member has redeemed part or all of the earned rewards, FordPass Rewards will deduct the remaining Welcome Reward Points from the member account.

How long does it take for the Welcome Reward to appear in a member’s account? It can take up to 30 days for the Welcome Reward to appear in the member’s FordPass Rewards account. Contributing factors include: the vehicle sale report date from the dealership, the modem activation date and the date the customer joined FordPass Rewards.

OAR Migration to FordPass Rewards

How will Owner Advantage Rewards Service, Oil Changes and New Vehicle Sales Rewards migrate to FordPass Rewards? Breakdown of migration Dealer-funded Service Rewards — Migrated into equivalent value of FordPass Rewards Points and will be available for redemption at any participating Ford dealership Earned Oil Changes — Awarded 5,000 FordPass Rewards Points per oil change (gas or diesel) New Vehicle Sales Rewards and any Oil Change Credits. Sales rewards and oil change credits will not be converted to FordPass Rewards Points

How will members know their balance has been transferred? Members will be able to check their balance by using the FordPass App or checking with their preferred dealer or How will members know the redemption value of their FordPass Rewards Points? (OAR members are used to seeing their balance in dollars) Members will have access to redemption information that will inform them of redemption options for their FordPass Rewards Points. For example, redemptions for sales and service transactions.

Will members lose Owner Advantage Rewards balances if they don't spend them before FordPass Rewards launches? Service and oil change balances that have not expired prior to program migration will transfer into FordPass Rewards if their dealer enrolls in FordPass Rewards. If the dealer does not enroll in FordPass Rewards, the dealer will be cancelled from Owner Advantage Rewards and the members will have 180 days from dealer cancellation date to redeem their rewards.

Do expiration dates on Owner Advantage Rewards balances reset when converted to FordPass Rewards Points? Yes. Converted Owner Advantage Rewards balances reset to 365 consecutive calendar days from the date of conversion. You can view your account and expiration date at Expiration of FordPass Rewards Points is tied to member activity earning and redeeming, so if a member is inactive for 365 days, their FordPass Rewards Points will expire. The expiration clock resets every time a member participates in FordPass Rewards.

What do members do if my Owner Advantage Rewards dealer does not participate in FordPass Rewards? Members will no longer earn any rewards but will be able to redeem any active OAR service rewards at the original dealership for a period of 180 days after FordPass Rewards has launched. FordPass Rewards Points may only be earned and redeemed at participating dealerships.

Where can members redeem FordPass Rewards Points created during Owner Advantage Rewards dollar conversion? FordPass Rewards Points can be redeemed at any participating dealership.

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FordPass and Vehicle Information

FordPass will store all your vehicle information right on the app, including service history.

With a SYNC Connect-equipped vehicle you can access features such as, remote start, lock/unlock, fuel amount, approximate mileage, battery and oil levels, as well as tire pressure readings.


Connecting to your Dealer on FordPass

The app allows you to mobily access important dealership information including: dealership hours, inventory, services, recall information, and service history.

Through the app, members can directly schedule maintenance or service appointments, call their dealership, and review their Ford Credit vehicle account.


Parking and FordPass

The FordPass parking feature will allow you to reserve a parking spot before even arriving at your destination. Drivers can pay for parking spots directly from their app as well using their FordPay wallet.

Parking options can be filtered by price or distance depending on user preference. Users can also pin their location when they park so they can easily navigate their way back to their spot exactly.



Get one-on-one assistance from a FordGuide.

Standard features include: Navigation Assistance, emergency roadside assistance for issues like jumpstarts, lockouts, flat tires, gas delivery, and towing. Parking reservations, reserving a table at your favorite restaurant.

How to Enroll in FordPass

You can download FordPass through Google Play or App store.

FordPass is free to use and available to everyone.

FordPass just requires some basic information to sign up.

This will include your preferred credit card for any in-app purchases.

A Pin will be required to make sure all in-app activities are secure.

iPhone users will also be given the option to use Touch ID.

Contact Information

Testimonials - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

"Fast, quick and never met nicer people to deal with. I don't believe I will go anywhere else."

Dealer Rater - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

"Best sales and service at Joe Cotton Ford. Best Ford dealership to buy a new or used car. Best price and best service. Employees are all great."

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

"Everyone was very kind! I was in and out for an oil change in 45 minutes. Great service :)"

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I've been a customer for nearly 30 years. Most of my business is service now. I think they're honest and forthright people. The auto business is tough and very competitive. Joe Cotton continues to get my business because they know my car very well.

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The entire buying process was easy to understand, there was no pressure and went smoothly. Rich the salesman was friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from Joe Cotton Ford or to recommend them to family, friends or neighbors. I got a good deal from professional and friendly people!

Dealer Rater - 4.8 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Brought vehicle in at 66800 miles for brake replacement. Vehicle was not having any problems. Replaced rear brakes same day. Zack in service was professional and knowledgeable.

Google - 5 stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

They were able to fit me in for an oil change last minute and was quicker than they said it would take as they were pretty busy. I will be back!

Dealer Rater - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I went to Joe Cotton Ford to buy a 2019 Ford Edge because I liked the way they treated me when I bought a new Mustang last year. They really do treat you right like no other dealer I've ever dealt with before. Salesman Jason Conn truly cares about the customer, finding the exact car I wanted through dealer trade. I used to dread car buying in the past from other dealerships but I don't at Cotton Ford.

Google - 5 stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Haven't bought a new truck in yrs! They made the experience fenominal!! Larry is a no BS salesman. I will shop at Joe Cotton Ford from now on!!! Also, they offer free oil changes for life with purchase!! Thanx guys

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Best service, best sales. Mike krawec and mike diehl are exceptional they really work with you and really care about what you think and want

Google - 5 stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I love getting my car serviced here! Always quick and easy with lots of smiling faces!

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

These are the people you want to work with when you're buying a car, they aren't forcefull at all and genuinely want you to get the right vehicle for you. If you're local, it really pays off too because they throw in a years worth of free oil changes with the purchase of your car.

Dealer Rater - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The service department treated me and my ailing Ford Focus just like royalty. The clutch, transmission control module, and fuel system recall were all replaced in a timely manner. Every car dealership should be as professional as Joe Cotton Ford. The technician that repaired my car must be an expert.

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

The people at Joe Cotton Ford are great, so great that we purchased two vehicles from them in less than a week! A 2019 Ford Escape, and a 2019 Ford F-350 Pick Up Truck! Ken, Mike, and Bob were knowledgeable, curtious, and honest! You can't go wrong with these guy's!

Facebook - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

They are a great dealer for sales and service. We got a great deal on our truck years ago.. Also their service center is good too fixing our (in warranty) ford focus and doing a great job of it.. thanks!

Facebook - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I just bought my car from them and I had no problems .. and they was really good to me And my kids!!! And I got a great deal!!!!!!! Thank you all!!!! I'm loving my new car!!!!!!

DealerRater - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I highly recommend Joe Cotton Ford. This very accommodating dealership with an absolutely laid back sales staff & a no pressure sales approach made this experience an absolute pleasure when purchasing my new F150 truck. I will be utilizing their service department for all scheduled maintenance in the future & can't wait to start customizing my truck through the parts department. Truly a pleasant car buying experience. Customer Care: Joanna Sales :Rick Financing : Steve Manager: Tracy

DealerRater - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

My service for my car was done efficiently. I was kept informed of length of time it would take to complete. My husband’s family has bought over 33 cars from Joe Cotton Ford and one of the reasons they keep coming back to purchase is because of their service on their cars.

Facebook - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

Dave Malloy & Zak are both 1st Class guys. Helped with some Issues that just seemed to be getting worse at another local dealership. They both listened to my concerns and went above and beyond to be sure my issues were addressed.

Google - 5 Stars

Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star

I rarely go to a dealer. None of my 4 cars are in warranty so I do most of the work myself. When it is something I cannot do I have a friend who is a private mechanic and he solves the rest of the problems. My 2005 Ford GT was a special case and needed an expert to help with my issues. I am lucky enough to know Dave Malloy, Joe Cottons Service Manager and he encouraged me to bring the car down and he and his SVT certivfied mechanic Todd would help me out. I could not have been more pleased with the whole experience. I was treated like Royalty! My car received the best care of possible. It was fixed promply and properly. The charges were very much in line with the high quality of service I received. Dave was also MOST gracious in taking me around and interducing me the whole support team at Joe Cotton. Including Pam who runs the whole operation. I was impressed to say the least. Although I hope I don't need any serious service in the near future I will definately go back to Joe Cotton Ford when any events occur that require service for my Ford GT. I am convinced that they are the best. Also, should I need a new vehicle. Joe Cotton will be my first stop. I know the great treatment would continue. Sincerely Karl Ayer

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