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Ford E-Series Cutaway



Fifty-eight continuous years of production means the Ford E-Series has experience tackling tough jobs. And its resumé keeps growing like the E-Series fleet, with over 2.7 million still on the road, providing a durable vehicle for businesses and individuals across the country. A new 7.3L V8 engine and a redesigned instrument cluster help make the 2021 E-Series even more capable and work-ready than its predecessors.

Aftermarket equipment shown.

Ford E-Series Cutaway
Ford E-Series CutawayFord E-Series CutawayFord E-Series Cutaway




The E-350 Cutaway with single rear wheels delivers all the power and capability needed for a wide range of commercial and recreational applications. It’s powered by a standard 7.3: V8 Premium-Rated engine or available 7.3L V8 Economy-Rated engine calibration. It has a standard GVWR of 10,050 lbs.





The E-350 with dual rear wheels offers midrange capacities in available GVWRs from 11,500 lbs. to 12,500 lbs. * with an available max payload rating of 7,210 lbs. ** (minus body weight). The E-350 DRW is powered by a standard 7.3L Premium-Rated engine or available 7.3L V8 Economy-Rated engine calibration.


*Max GVWR available on the 2021 E-350 DRW Cutaway.

**Payload rating available on the E-350 DRW Cutaway with 158-inch wheelbase and 12,500 lbs. GVWR. Max payload varies and is based on accessories and vehicle configuration. See label on door jamb for carrying capacity of specific vehicle.





The E-450 with dual rear wheels delivers high-end capability with an available GVWR of 14,500 lbs.* and an available payload rating of 8,980 lbs. (minus bodyweight).** If you’re into towing heavy loads, the E-450 DRW has a maximum GCWR of 22,000 lbs. Power is supplied by a standard 7.3L Premium-Rated engine or an available 7.3L V8 Economy-Rated engine.


*Max GVWR available on the 2021 E-450 with the 7.3L Premium engine.

**Payload rating available on the 2021 E-450 Cutaway with the 7.3L Premium-Rated engine and 14,500 lbs. GVWR. Max payload varies and is based on accessories and vehicle configuration. See label on door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle.




Some applications need more low-end muscle for heavy hauling. Others call for balanced power and performance on the highway. That's why E-Series Cutaway offers a new 7.3L V8 engine, available with two unique engine calibrations. Both engine tunes are paired with a six-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission and equipped with single-overhead-cam design and dual-equal variable cam timing — features that optimize power across the entire powerband.
Aftermarket equipment shown.

Ford E-Series Cutaway
7.3L V8 PremiumFord TorqShift Six-Speed Automatic Transmission7.3L V8 Economy Tune




Torque rules in the world of work trucks, especially when you’re delivering heavy loads under demanding stop-and-go conditions. Featuring a gas torque rating of 468 lbs.-ft. at 3,900 rpm, the standard Premium engine generates the raw power required for the heavy-duty hauling and towing applications typical of an E-Series Cutaway.





The Ford TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission is built by Ford to handle the high-performance demands of commercial applications. And the Tow/Haul mode automatically compensates for grade and load conditions, and delays transmission upshifts to help reduce the frequency of gear hunting.





The economy-tuned engine calibration offers proven performance on tough jobs. This engine is powerful in its own right, rated at 300 horsepower and 425 lbs.-ft. of torque.




2021 Ford E-Series offers standard and available driver-assist technologies to help supplement your driving skills. Plus, with stand safety features you can feel confident out on the road.




Available Adaptive Cruise Control goes beyond the capability of conventional cruise control, employing both radar and camera technology. Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you, an especially helpful feature in slow traffic conditions. When traffic ahead slows down, you automatically do too; when it picks back up, you can resume your preset speed and distance.*


*If vehicle is stopped for more than three seconds, driver must intervene and press “RES” button or accelerator pedal to resume system operation.



Available Forward Collision Warning can alert you if it senses a potential collision with a vehicle in front of you. A display flashes in the instrument cluster and provides an audible warning. If you don’t react in time, the brakes will precharge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you do brake.




This available driver-assist feature can potentially lessen the severity of a secondary collision by automatically applying moderate brake pressure when an initial collision event is detected.




A camera mounted behind the windshield scans road lane markings and detects an unintended lane departure during the day or at night. When the system detects you’re drifting outside your lane, available Lane Departure Warning alerts you in the cluster display and provides an audible warning. There’s also the Driver Alert mode, which can recognize repeated lane drifting as a sign of tiredness and issue visual and audio alerts that it’s time to pull over and take a break.




Available Auto High-Beam Headlamps can sense poor lighting conditions and switch on to shed a little more light on your path ahead. They even sense oncoming headlights and dim automatically so you don’t have to worry about blinding other drivers. So you can keep your focus – and both hands on the wheel.






The available distance alert system is designed to help you maintain your distance relative to the vehicle ahead of you. The system adjusts itself according to the movement of the vehicle ahead.




This available feature can help reduce the severity of, and possibly eliminate, a frontal collision with a vehicle directly in front of you. * The system can detect a potential collision, then emit an audible alert as well as a warning message displayed in the message center. What’s more, Automatic Emergency Braking can precharge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you do brake. If you don’t take corrective action and a collision is imminent, the brakes can apply automatically.


*Automatic Emergency Braking does not replace safe driving. See owner’s manual for system limitations.




Standard hill start assist can help you switch from brake to gas without rolling backward. The system automatically works with the anti-lock brakes to hold the vehicle in place for up to two seconds while you transition your foot from the brake to the accelerator.




The standard traction control system helps maintain your vehicle’s grip on the road in unfavorable weather conditions. When the system senses a loss of traction, it applies selective braking in order to keep your wheels from excessively spinning and help maintain traction.




Electronic stability control (ESC) helps keep you and your business firmly on the road, even in rough conditions. Using information from acceleration sensors, ESC can sense when you start to lose control or traction. When the system senses a loss of traction, it automatically applies selective braking to help prevent your vehicle from sliding sideways and skidding. Standard on all 2021 E-Series models.



With their full-frame construction and standard V8 muscle, E-Series Cutaway models have a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 lbs. with the available Trailer Towing Packages. Plus, at its best, the 2021 E-450 is available with a 14,500-lbs. GVWR. * What’s more, the Ford TorqShift® six-speed automatic transmission has an integrated driver-selectable Tow/Haul mode that automatically compensates for grade and load conditions.

*Based on use or upfit. Available on the 2021 E-450 with the 7.3L Premium engine.
Aftermarket equipment shown. 

Ford E-Series Cutaway



Drivers who work all day behind the wheel appreciate the comfort built into the E-Series cab. And now, with a new instrument cluster, everything you need is right there in front of you. The clear layout and more user-friendly design help enhance your driving experience.
Ford E-Series Cutaway
Ford Upfitter Interface



Upfitting is easier than ever with the new available factory-installed programmable upfitter interface module (UIM). Using a laptop or notebook, an upfitter can connect electrical equipment to CAN buses or ports and program switches to operate aftermarket-installed equipment, such as lift buckets, cranes, salt spreaders or snowplows, with up to nine digitally configurable inputs.




Four available upfitter switches (30 amp, 30 amp, 15 amp and 10 amp) with fuses and relays provide a convenient way to connect a variety of aftermarket accessories to your vehicle’s electrical system. They’re factory-installed and integrated into the instrument panel, so there’s no need to cut into the truck’s electrical system when installing accessories such as a winch, lights or a two-way radio.


Ford Upfitter Switches E-Series Cutaway
Ford E-Series Cutaway



Thanks to the 2017 IRS Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, many businesses that invest in new equipment, including qualifying new vehicles, will be able to write off up to the entire purchase cost of one or more business vehicles on their 2019 IRS tax returns. * Qualifying Ford commercial vehicles include Ford Transit, E-Series, F-150 or F-250/350 Super Duty® truck. For more information, visit and contact your tax professional.
Vehicles shown with aftermarket equipment.
*Under Bonus Depreciation in Section 168(k) of the Internal Revenue Code, companies may be eligible to fully expense the cost of trucks, vans and SUVs rated over 6,000 lbs. GVWR, when purchased for business use. Trucks and vans that are considered passenger vehicles, rated under 6,000 lbs. GVWR, are limited to $18,000 of depreciation in the year of purchase with normal MACRS depreciation on the remaining basis in the vehicle in subsequent years. A vehicle is not considered a passenger vehicle, and is thus not limited to the lower depreciation amounts, if it is considered a “qualified non-personal use vehicle.” Qualified nonpersonal use vehicles are vehicles that, by virtue of their nature or design, are not likely to be used more than a de minimis amount for personal purposes. Examples of qualified non-personal use vehicles include 1) a vehicle that can seat nine-plus passengers behind the driver’s seat, 2) a heavy non-SUV vehicle with a cargo area of at least six feet in interior length or 3) a vehicle with a fully enclosed driver’s compartment/ cargo area, no seating behind the driver’s seat, and no body section protruding more than 30 inches ahead of the leading edge of the windshield. For more information, see IRC Section 280F(d)(7), Income Tax Reg., Sec. 1.280F-6(c)(3)(iii), Income Tax Reg. Sec. 1.274-5T(k), and Revenue Ruling 86-97, and contact your tax advisor for details. Consult your tax advisor as to the proper tax treatment of all business-vehicle purchases.



Over 650 dealers in our extensive nationwide network are specially trained and equipped to sell, service and finance the complete line of Class 1–7 Ford commercial vehicles. Let a Ford commercial dealer, like Joe Cotton Ford, show you all the exceptional services available for your business.

Ford Commercial Vehicle Dealer



We’ve engineered manufacturer-grade commercial tools in conjunction with the Ford vehicles that make up your fleet. Our software and hardware work seamlessly with your vehicles to help you solve problems, optimize your fleet and keep your operations running smoothly. Ford Telematics and Ford Data Services give you the power of choice to run your business how you want.

Ford TelematicsFord Data Services




Help improve your business operations with Ford Telematics software that delivers manufacturer grade-information, insights, and solutions right to your fingertips. Key benefits might include: 

-       Improve asset utilization through GPS tracking

-       Maximize vehicle availability with Vehicle Health Alerts and service reminders

-       Optimize your running costs by monitoring fuel consumption

-       Protect your fleet with notifications that can help you react quickly

-       Improve driver behavior by receiving insights into driver performance





Gain seamless and secure access to your vehicle data through a Ford-engineered open platform, the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC). Key benefits include:

-       Always Evolving: Access to new updates and vehicle signals when they become available

-       Security Management: Our expertise provides industry-leading data protection

-       Third-Party Access: Easy API integration provides secure and easy access to processed vehicle data

-       Partner Integration: Designed for secure, open integration with any third-party service tool


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My son just bought his first car today! This was the best dealership experience I have ever had! Danny Greico is absolutely positively AMAZING! He was with us from start to finish! I would definitely recommend buying a car from him! The whole staff at Joe Cotton Ford was incredible, with all that is going on in today's world it was so nice to feel so normal and so much love! Words can't even express how grateful and blessed we are thank you Danny Greico! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Professional, Prompt, Integrity Brought my car in for new tires and a brake fluid flush. Work was done on time, at the quoted price and then returned my car washed. Nice touch Joe Cotton Ford!

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Definitely 5 stars. They made the process of buying a new car easy. They took time helping us choose the car that fit our needs and budget! Rich, Danny, Rick and Mike were the best and huge thank you!! We would highly recommend Joe Cotton Ford!

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Great experience from beginning to end. On their Website, I saw one of their Internet specials advertised, so I went in, set up a test drive, asked my questions, set up financing, and -- only around 3 hours after I'd walked in -- drove away with my new car. The purchase went quickly and efficiently.

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Everyone at Joe Cotton is the greatest! Always friendly and willing to help with anything. Roman is the best!!! Mike Diehl also is one of the best! Would not buy anywhere except Joe Cotton. Recommend them to anyone asking!

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I went in for my 6 month check up as required for my maintenance package. Quite some time passed and I remembered that I needed new wiper blades. I went back and asked if that could be added and my service guy just smiled and added it. It was all covered in my plan. I'm bad at getting names but I have had nothing but great experiences in the dealership and service department. Highly recommend them. Not everyone is perfect, nor does everyone have a good day everyday. I have read the bad reviews and am thankful I have not had the same experiences. Keep up the good work and get these reviews up! 5 star for this household!

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I have been servicing my 07 Navigator L at Cotton since I bought it new. Great service still going strong. Wouldn't take it anywhere else! Service manager Davy Malloy is one of the main reasons that I still service my Ford and Lincoln vehicles at Cotton. Great attention to detail.

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Good service and excellent customer service, I am so happy with my new car, thanks for your good service they are very friendly. Thank you!!

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Excellent customer service. Variety of options. Genuine effort to reach our budget. Special heart for non-profits that give back to the community. Efficient on every level. Personable care from multiple staff.

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Really like Jason our salesman. No pressure trying to sell us something we didn't want and found our Edge we love it and no problems with it. Like the free 2 yrs service for oil changes. We got 3 and only have 13,000 and its 2 years old. We even went to one of there summer open houses free food etc and won 5 free oil changes!!Well buy our next car or truck there for sure! Fair price great service

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A great experience. The sales team is well versed and very helpful. I will be purchasing all of my vehicles from Joe cotton in the future and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

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Multiple successful visits to their service and parts departments. Great and friendly customer service and fair pricing on every visit. Thank you!

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Always helpful, and good selection of new and used cars

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Thank you for your Honesty. Joe Cotton service will be saving me a ton of money for correctly diagnosing an issue that another dealer said was a complete engine

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Great people they tread u right make u feel like home

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"Golden Rule Service - Second and third generation dealership. Quality and Service as you want it. Comfortable waiting with amenities. New and used vehicles to select, with staff who will search for the right vehicle if not found here."

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"Great - on top of things -Stan was very informative of the car I was interested in" - 5 Stars

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"Fast, quick and never met nicer people to deal with. I don't believe I will go anywhere else."

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"Best sales and service at Joe Cotton Ford. Best Ford dealership to buy a new or used car. Best price and best service. Employees are all great."

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